3 Ways to Turn Around a Bad Morning

We all have bad mornings from time to time, but here are 3 easy ways anyone can turn it around (and they work any time of day!):
1.  Stop, Drop, Roll —  Our experiences are dictated by our perspective. While we can’t always control what happens to us, we can certainly control our reaction to it: When we’re caught up in a frenetic and/or negative reaction to some event, we can always Stop, Drop, Roll:
Stop — Stop the reaction. No one is responsible for our reaction but us, and so no one can stop it but us. We can simply choose to create that shift at any time.
Drop — Take 10 deep breaths, and drop down into your body. Breathing is the physical act of release and renewal. With every conscious breath, we get out of the noise and drama in our heads and drop into our hearts, where love conquers all, and we know we are limitless beings.
Roll — Roll your attention away from the irritant.  What we resist persists, so as we turn our attention to what we do want, we are making a conscious acknowledgment that something better is available to us. Being open to that possibility is what starts the shift.
2.  Broaden Your Perspective. Ask yourself, “Does this really matter?” If your answer is yes, then ask yourself, “Is there one peaceful and healthy reason why I should hold onto this thought?”  The rules, roles, and expectations we place on ourselves and others are the number one causes of needless stress, anxiety, disappointment, and anger. Let it go and choose to be happy over being right… or righteous.
3.  Count Your Blessings.  Nothing creates a shift in perspective like gratitude.  When something unwanted happens, find something about that very situation you’re grateful for and acknowledge it. Then find another… and another. For instance, “My car won’t start, and it appears I may be late, but I’m so grateful that I have this job, and I’m grateful that I can call a mechanic and have it taken care of in a few days, and I’m so grateful that I have this car, and I’m so grateful that I have a coworker who lives nearby that I can get a ride with, and I’m grateful that there is public transportation if I need it!”  When we stop and appreciate something, we are catapulting our perspective and our vibration out of the negativity and drama and into the land of potential where “All Is Well.”
By Gretchen Kennedy, RScP

To Dance The Sublime Waltz with the Universe, Take 3 Small Steps

Or, How to Instantly Shift the Course of Your Daily Life Without The Funky Chicken

At the center of every nucleus of every atom is energy… the same energy.  Whether it is found in water or plant or mineral or human being, we all share the same energy.  And that energy is alive, creative, intelligent, magnetic, and attractive to itself.  In other words, energy knows no separation from itself, no matter where it resides.  Moreover, it is omni-active.  It never sleeps, and it never dies. It is in a constant state of relation to itself, in all its forms.

Because this energy is magnetic, the law of “like attracts like” is brought into our everyday experience of matter. It makes sense then, that as we shift our own state of being, we draw to us conditions that reflect our current state of being.  As our moods change from day to day, the energy around us responds, creating conditions that match our state of being.  We may not even notice it (yet).  What we do tend to notice, however, are bigger “waves” of events that happen in succession or over time (“They say bad things come in three’s, so what’s next?” or “I must have no immune system because I’m always sick,” or “I’ll be fine!  I will land on my feet. I always do!”).

Even our thoughts impact this energy that is at the center of every atom in our cells.  See if you can feel your entire body uplift while reading this sentence: “I’m a golden goose, everything I touch turns to gold!”  Likewise, see if you can feel your entire body deflate with this one:  “I just can’t catch a break, and now my unemployment benefits are running out.”  The power of this energy is unfailing in its ability to create conditions by attracting more of the same to itself.

We call this power many things (God, Life, Intelligence, Spirit, etc.).  Here, I am calling it “The Universe.”

In us, this creation process starts with our thoughts.  We are truly the masters of our domain. In other words,  life mirrors our dominant or chronic thought patterns.  That means that we can co-create with the Universe an entirely different experience by changing our perspective, and that starts with considering for a moment–just one moment–that other possibilities are available to us.  If you’re not open to that concept, try re-reading the first 2 paragraphs again.

Actually, we co-create our lives through three, progressively powerful ways of engaging the Universe:

  1. our thoughts and words
  2. our vibrations (emotions/feelings)
  3. our actions

And, because you are the master of your domain, the Universe always responds with, “Your wish is my command.”

Thoughts/Words:  When we think of some outcome to a situation (good or bad), the Universe begins to organize around that thinking.  The more we think about it, and the more we talk about it, the more dominant it becomes compared to our other thoughts and spoken words. The Universe pays attention to our most dominant thoughts, making them more likely to come about. The longer and stronger we hold that thought pattern, the more times we will experience aspects of that condition.

Vibrations:  When we add feeling to those thoughts (i.e. whether we’re conjuring up fear and anxiety or the freedom, joy, peace, security, etc. produced by the perfect outcome), we align our vibration to an end result, and the Universe now responds to a much clearer attractor field (the bigger our emotion, the bigger the result).

Actions:  However, when we take action toward achieving that result, no matter how small, the Universe now also has something concrete to mirror and build upon.  It’s like we’re telling the Universe, “Do it like this. Now do it like this.” Every step we take toward the pictured result provides an opportunity for the Universe to act now to clear obstacles, arrange resources, people, and events, and bring our emotionally charged, dominant thought patterns to life, compounding whatever actions we take with its own greater actions.

Always remember, because you are the master of your domain, the Universe works with you for BOTH your greatest desires AND your greatest fears.  As loving as It is, It is neutral, and It allows you to experience–in full glory–of all of your choices:

The Funky Chicken:

You’re alone at a wedding you’ve been dreading for months (having turned down the offer from a good friend to fix you up with her “cute” cousin), painfully aware of how everyone else is coupled up and having fun dancing. You toss back your fourth glass of champagne and wish they’d cut the cake already, so you could leave. Then, the most horrific wedding music ever heard is played: The Funky Chicken.  As you roll your eyes, you hear someone call your name. You sink down into your chair just as the bride rushes by.  She yanks you up and throws you into the throng of dancers. A rush of embarrassment hits you as she starts dancing in a circle around you.  Everyone is watching and laughing.  You don’t remember how to do the Funky Chicken.  You awkwardly stand there until you catch on. As your elbow wings start to beat ridiculously, you collide with the woman dancing next to you.  Your tired feet cross, nearly toppling you over.  The bride steps hard on your foot.  As the song ends, you try not to limp too noticeably back to your empty table. Then, the band starts playing a favorite song of yours, and, because you won’t be dancing to it, you grab another glass of champagne from a passing waiter and wait for this miserable night to end.


The Sublime Waltz:

Think of the Universe as your attractive blind date at a wedding (a blind date you agreed to with mixed trepidation and excitement).  You’re sitting with the Universe getting acquainted. A favorite song comes on, and you think, “I’d love to dance.” You catch the Universe’s eye, and It smiles at you, swaying a little in Its seat, clearly also moved by the music.  Suddenly you have an emotional surge of anticipation as you think, “I want to experience joy together with the Universe on the dance floor!”  Just as you start to ask “Would you care to—” you see the Universe is already rising, grinning, and holding out Its hand, thrilled that you want to dance. Out on the dance floor, the Universe is a spectacular partner, in sync with your every move, step for step, turn for turn, flourish for flourish. You’re so magically in tune, you aren’t sure who is leading whom, all you know is the dance is effortless, fluid, beautiful, and endless, and you are both giddy with the joy of it.  Eventually, you begin to tire, the song changes, and you tell the Universe that you no longer want to dance.  The Universe smiles, nods, and, holding your hand, gracefully leads the way back to your table.


Do 3 small things each week (eventually working up to twice a week, then three times a week, then every other day, and in a year or two, perhaps, daily):

  1. To Retrain Your Thoughts:  Do one thing spiritual (express gratitude for the things that went well that week, meditate for 15 minutes, read an uplifting passage and contemplate it for 15 minutes, write an affirmation and say it aloud 21 times a day for a week, take a silent walk in nature, send a thank you card to your Higher Self, etc.
  2. To Uplift Your Vibration:  Do one healthy, fun thing for yourself that relieves stress and rejuvenates you (take a bubble bath, be in service to someone in need, play hide and seek with your kids, paint a picture, call an old friend, cuddle with your dog, go for a ride in the country, etc.)
  3. To Direct The Universe With Your Actions:  Do one thing you want the Universe to mirror and build upon to help you achieve your desired outcome more quickly and easily (announce a dream to start a business to someone you admire, write a page for that book you’ve always wanted to write, walk the dog at a brisker pace, send your resume to one company with a cover letter specific to that job, buy organic vegetables, smile at 5 strangers, spend 30 minutes sorting through a clutter pile, fulfill a lapsed commitment, etc.)

Keep notes on your progress and notice what miracles start taking place in your life.  Feel free to post any feedback below!

Happy Co-Creating!


© 2012 Gretchen DeWees Kennedy