A Spiritual Booster Shot

I invite you to read these, take them into your meditation, alone or together, to ponder. May they reveal a Life of Peace, Joy, Love, Freedom, Truth, and greater understanding of Who You Really Are:

  • There is one God, and It is indivisible from Itself. There is no power greater than God, nothing to oppose God, no Satan… Evil is a man-made construct stemming from a sense of separation from God. It is our mistaken use of our abilities and thinking.
  • If God is indivisible, you are inseparable from God. This sense of separation from our Source is the root of all unwanted conditions/suffering. We are all of God, made in the image and likeness of God, and this is true of EVERYONE.
  • God is Love Itself, and It wants you to thrive, to have a creatively lush life of Good, filled with meaning and purpose.
  • God is ever-expanding. Through us, as individualized expressions of God, the Universe expands to accommodate the omni-activity of all Life.
  • There is Free Will in order for us to expand, and so our doubts/fears/self-worth participate in every step of our journey, creating contrast and presenting us with opportunities to heal and evolve, to enjoy pure Faith that we are not separate from God, to awaken  and align to our inherent Nature of Good, which is Love, the heart of God.
  • You are made in the image and likeness of God; therefore, you have all of Its qualities available to you — Love, Peace, Joy, Abundance, Balance, Well-Being, Order, Creativity, Compassion, etc.
  • In every situation, God is present, active, and all-powerful, and as you open to God’s unlimited potential that is operating in, as, and through you, you can shift any experience. The same Power that moves mountains and creates galaxies is ever-available to you, simply by acknowledging It.
  • These qualities are made manifest in your life to the degree that you align with them (if you want Peace, be Peace, if you want a greater sense of self-worth, volunteer, if you want more money, tithe to your church or whatever spiritual sources feed your sense of upliftment, if you want more Freedom, allow others the Freedom to be Who They Really Are, etc.).
  • Your thoughts are creative (God/the Universe responds to them, and always says, “Yes! OK! Here you go!” It responds most to the recurring/focused/charged thoughts. Your word is even more creative, particularly what you say about yourself. Never speak a negative word about anyone, ever. We are all One, so when you speak against someone, you manifest against yourself.
  • Death is an illusion… it is like changing coats. The Soul, as an individualized expression of God, is eternal.
  • You are loved, not matter what.
  • You are essential to the Whole, no matter what.
  • You are working with a Power that is beyond the human mind’s ability to fathom to create a beautiful life… Have faith in that, no matter what.
  • Your purpose is to share your Love, unique gifts, and talents to help others to come to know their preciousness and unlimited potential, and that is where you will find the most happiness.

Expansion Begins With The Question, “Why?”

Humanity IS the Question, “Why…,” and asking “Why?” is the key to our conscious evolution. 

Expansion begins with the leap of the question, “Why?” We couldn’t even fathom to ask it if we didn’t have the desire to rise above our current level of awareness. The answer can never extinguish the question because the answer contains new facets–or is wholly new–at each level of consciousness.

When we ask, “Why?” we come to understand our purpose, our importance, our nothingness, our Beauty, our Divine Nature… our Oneness with All That Is. When we ask “Why?” Love, Creativity, Passion, and Joy reign supreme. Drama is transformed into Compassion, Patience, Well-Being, and Abundance. When we ask, “Why?” everyone we meet radiates the Light of the Creator.

Seek “Why” and ye shall find that ye are limitless.

Gretchen Kennedy is a Religious Science Practitioner in Wilmington, DE

Deep Space... we are deeper than our wildest dreams.

When All Else Fades

Integrity is everything. Without it, what do we have, who are we being, what are we attracting to us? Integrity is really all we have in this world. It is our word. It is our name. Indeed, it is our very presence. Our integrity both precedes us into a room and lingers long after we’re gone, sweet or stink. Our integrity is all we’re left with after all else fades.

Guided Meditation on Letting Go of Self-Recrimination and Revealing Balance

Gretchen Kennedy, RScP

Balance is your inherent Nature.

“When I let go of who I am, I become who I might be.”

~ Lao Tzu

If we let go a little we will have a little peace; when we let go a lot we have a lot of peace; as we let go completely, we become complete Peace.

With every breath, feel yourself let go…     let go…     let go…     let go…

Now you are resting so sweetly in the arms of Divine Love….

Whisper:  As I let go of who I am, I become who I might be.

Breathe in Compassion.  Release fear.

Breathe in Wonder.  Release cynicism.

Breathe in Laughter.  Release ego.

Breathe in Forgiveness.  Release resentment.

Whisper:  As I let go of who I am, I become who I might be.

Breathe in Relief.  Release pain.

Breathe in Prosperity.  Release struggle.

Breathe in Creativity.  Release stagnation.

Breathe in Possibility. Release worry.

Breathe in Grace, the very Grace whose arms are holding you, always holding you.

Breathe into your heart. Go to the center of your heart, the very center of your being. You are in a beautiful circular room filled with dazzling light.

Coming into your awareness now, you feel in your arms a giant iron ball… heavy… so heavy. This iron ball is old… cold… rough… rusty… and heavy.  It is the sum of all of the negative thoughts you have been holding onto about yourself.  Some of these thoughts you learned, some you created.  You see that it is attached by a string to a point in the center of the ceiling.

A string?  How can a thin string hold up this giant iron ball?

And then you realize, your negative thoughts are an illusion.  There is no Truth to this iron ball.  It is made of false beliefs that you have chosen to hold onto.  This huge weight is a burden you have created and chosen to bear.

Choose right now to let it go… and let it go, just release it.

Ah!  Such lightness!

Whisper:  As I let go of who I am, I become who I might be.

As it swings away from you, the iron disintegrates, and beneath is a beautiful, brightly glowing crystal. As it swings, prisms of rainbows dance all over the walls, showering you in Beauty.

Finally, it comes to rest.  It comes to rest in the center of your heart, alive, sparkling with light, radiating Life.

Whisper:  As I let go of who I am, I become who I might be.

At the center of you is the Truth of Who You Are.

You are Good.

You are Complete Peace.

You are Unconditional Love.

You are Sheer Joy.

You are Absolute Freedom.

You are Infinite Well-Being.

Whisper:  As I let go of who I am, I become who I might be.

You are Perfect Balance.

You are Grace Itself.


© 2012 Gretchen DeWees Kennedy