What Dogs Teach Us

Be present to the moment.

Love lavishly.

Care deeply.

Forgive wholly.

Speak kindly.

Be loyal.

Take only what you need.


When Love walks in, always rush to greet it, even if it only went to the mailbox.

Every errand can be a joyride.

Relish a gentle touch.

Be an everyday hero.

Ask for nothing in return.

Avoid growling and simply walk away.

Express joy with every cell of your being.

A long walk is entertainment enough.

Never stop investigating the wonder of the world around you.

When you meet old friends, drop everything and invite them to play.

When you greet strangers, doing so with a big smile could change your afternoon into something exhilarating.

Never pretend to be something you’re not. We know.

When someone is having a bad day, express the Compassion of God: sit close by, and every so often, lay a warm hand on theirs.

Enter each room expecting to be adored.

Be grateful for each treat and gentle word that comes your way.

Allow the simple experience of the wind in your face to make your day.

Affirmation: I robustly live in the present moment. I lushly love, allowing pleasure and gratitude to play in every cell of my being. I act with gentle compassion. Treats, kind words, and warm spots to rest abundantly fill my day.


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