New Thought Blessing of the Animals

Divine Spirit, God, is the One Presence, Perfect, Whole, and Complete, Unconditional Love Itself, Master Creator of All Things Great and Small, the macrocosm and the microcosm. Therefore, It is operating in, as, and through all of Its Creation equally.

That One Presence is operating in, as, and through me at all times as Unconditional Love, as Compassion, as Peace, and Joy. As I am One with All That Is, then I know I am Perfect, Whole, and Complete. That One Presence is also operating in, as, and through this beloved animal, (NAME), a perfect representation of the entire animal Kingdom.

I now speak my Word for NAME, knowing that his/her being is Perfect, Whole, and Complete… Well-Being Itself, healed, whole, and holy.

I honor NAME for bringing me the wisdom of the Animal Kingdom and the manifestation of the Unconditional Love of God into my home and my heart. NAME’s very presence draws me more deeply into the larger circle of Life, of the awareness of God’s Perfection, into the wonder of our common relationship with All That Is.

As God guides me in the loving care of NAME, I know It teaches me to be a good companion and responsible steward to all sentient beings on Earth. I now accept that responsibility. I accept all that is required of me to honor this Divine Expression of Life, Unconditional Love, Compassion, and Joy.

I claim and accept that the Love and Peace of God is operating right now in the lives of all animals who are lost, sick, abused, and frightened, that the perfect home, the ideal outcome, Well-Being, and the Highest Good for All is upon them now. I claim and accept that the One Presence Itself, Peace and Unconditional Love, are operating in, as, and through their caretakers, fully ready to be revealed in their hearts and hands.

I am grateful for this shift in consciousness, for all that God teaches me through Its Creation, and for the Love that God so abundantly reveals to me through Its Animal Kingdom. I am grateful for the healing, Well-Being and Peace now vibrating throughout the Animal Kingdom, including my fellow man.

I release this Word into the Universal Law of Mind, knowing that as I do so, it returns to me already done, in absolute perfection.  So, I give thanks as I bless this Word. I let it go, and I let it be.  And so it is!


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