Expansion Begins With The Question, “Why?”

Humanity IS the Question, “Why…,” and asking “Why?” is the key to our conscious evolution. 

Expansion begins with the leap of the question, “Why?” We couldn’t even fathom to ask it if we didn’t have the desire to rise above our current level of awareness. The answer can never extinguish the question because the answer contains new facets–or is wholly new–at each level of consciousness.

When we ask, “Why?” we come to understand our purpose, our importance, our nothingness, our Beauty, our Divine Nature… our Oneness with All That Is. When we ask “Why?” Love, Creativity, Passion, and Joy reign supreme. Drama is transformed into Compassion, Patience, Well-Being, and Abundance. When we ask, “Why?” everyone we meet radiates the Light of the Creator.

Seek “Why” and ye shall find that ye are limitless.

Gretchen Kennedy is a Religious Science Practitioner in Wilmington, DE

Deep Space... we are deeper than our wildest dreams.


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