What Is A Science of Mind Practitioner Session?

Knowing that we are Perfect, Whole, and Complete Divine Beings, a Religious Science Practitioner knows our Divine Birthright is Abundance in All Good Things.

By using the Law of Mind to create with Universal Wisdom and Affirmative Prayer, the licensed Practitioner guides you gently and lovingly through a process of exploration to uncover and shift any hidden or false beliefs that hold you back from manifesting a life you desire. Whether you are having a challenge with a particular circumstance, or you want new and improved relationships, financial prosperity, health, or inner peace, I invite you to take advantage of this profound and freeing growth opportunity. Sessions usually last an hour, are strictly confidential, and cost $40.  They can be conducted in person in Wilmington, DE or by phone.

Licensed Practitioner:
Gretchen Kennedy: 302-588-2789


4 thoughts on “What Is A Science of Mind Practitioner Session?

  1. Dawn Williams says:

    Hi what services are offered. It is a blessing to receive free help but what really is the law of the mind? Is each practionier skill in a certain modality? Could I have a break down of each one available so I can select the correct practionier? Are you allow to seek assistance from each and every one or is there a minumum and maxium? Thank in advance for your assistance.

    Dawn Williams

    • Hi Dawn. Each Practitioner is unique in the same way we are all unique expressions of Oneness, bringing different gifts and intuitive insight to each session. These unique perspectives and gifts are not separate modalities, however, and so it is a challenge to name how each Practitioner is different. Through April, the Practitioner Interns are offering free sessions as we prepare for our 3 year certification. You could try each and draw your own conclusions, if you like.

      Practitioners operate knowing and using some inherent Laws of the Universe (God exists, and there is no power other than God; God is Good; God is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipresent, and therefore we are all of the Divine; as we are of the Divine, all the powers of the Universe are available to us, and they always work for us; we create our reality with those thoughts that dominate our attention; and when we are aligned with the Divine through “right” thinking, we can change any unwanted condition; a life filled with Peace, Joy, Love, Health & Wellbeing, Abundance, and Harmony always available to us).

      If you want to schedule a session, feel free to simply call a Practitioner or Practitioner Intern.

      Abundant blessings,

  2. Patricia says:

    I’d like to drink less wine and understand portion control. Can a session help me?


    • Hi Patricia. Absolutely! God is always working, always Creating Life anew, and so all conditions, circumstances, participants, cells, etc. are always shifting, expanding, regenerating, and changing. A Practitioner session would help you understand how you co-create unwanted conditions with hidden and false beliefs that block you from creating and sustaining the changes you want.

      Through April, Practitioner Interns are offering free sessions, or you can call a Practitioner from the list above to schedule a session (in person or by phone).

      Abundant blessings,

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