Kid-friendly Kale & Swiss Chard Pesto Recipe

Check out this delicious, truly good-for-you recipe that helps make the prep process interesting for children, thanks to the folks at Healthy Foods for Healthy Kids. These folks have a ton of experience getting kids to eat healthy (they teach school children how to grow and prepare their own food in schools in Delaware, and kids—and their parents—are eating it up!).

What I also love about this recipe is you don’t blanche the greens first, so you get 100% of their nutrients (and if you’re cooking with little ones, no pots of boiling water to fret about).

Keep it kid-friendly: For kids, toss this pesto with pasta (better yet, veggie pasta) and sprinkle with parmesan cheese or simply put it on a cracker or celery stick.

Make it chic: I’m adding the other power green to this recipe, dandelion greens, which makes it go VROOM VROOM on my tongue. Layer this with a thin slice of brie and a few slivered roasted pumpkin seeds on a sesame rice cracker, and this appetizer just went gourmet.

You could substitute 1 Tbs. of the olive oil with toasted sesame oil for a nutty, slightly Asian twist; then however you use it, just finish with a few sesame seeds on top.

Make it into soup: You can also slice a zucchini, large tomato and large sweet onion into 1″ rounds. Then, combine 1 cup of cottage cheese and 1/3 C of this pesto and pour over the vegetables. Bake at 350 for 30 minutes. Remove from oven, sprinkle with 1/3 C parmesan cheese, broil for 5 minutes to “toast” the parmesan. You could serve it just like that or add it all to the blender with 3 C organic chicken stock or vegetable broth. Talk about a fresh and fantastic soup!

You can freeze any leftover pesto in an ice cube tray. Pop them out, wrap each cube in plastic wrap and throw them all into a ziploc baggie. Depending on your ice cube size, one cube is enough for one person.

Kale & Swiss Chard Pesto Recipe... totally kid-friendly

Kale & Swiss Chard Pesto Recipe from Healthy Foods for Healthy Kids of Delaware

Download the Kale and Swiss Chard Pesto recipe, complete with instructions on how to make it a child-friendly activity.

Check out all of Healthy Foods for Healthy Kids resources here, and get your family (and the neighborhood kids—I’m all for free labor) growing its own food and enjoying eating healthy!


Freeing Last Words for a Dying Loved One to Assist in Their Journey

Angel in the Light

What do most people fear at the moment of death? The unknown, that Life ends, that there is no God, and that their regrets or fears or worries can’t be resolved and may stay with them for eternity.

I have had two near-death experiences after surgery (discovering I’m allergic to Dilaudid), and I want to say… it is pure BLISS!

In those moments, time stopped. Joy Itself was radiating from every cell of my body. I was floating on waves of Love, Creativity, Peace (utter Peace), everything dropping away except my awareness that my body was no longer mine—that it NEVER WAS mine—that THIS is Who I Really Am. And yet, I was still very much aware, present, active, thinking and focused—not on the room, which was abuzz with activity, but on the sheer dreaminess of it all. There is Life Hereafter, and it is Divine—ALL DIVINEIn other words, there is nothing else. This body, that beeping, those nurses, this physical condition, are all illusions, temporary experiences in matter—a gift, to be sure, but a temporary gift.

The Truth is we ARE truly spiritual beings having a human experience, and ours is a fluid, co-creative reality that is ever-changing and backed by Infinite Potential, nothing less than Love Itself.

The most giving gesture you can offer someone in their final hours is the Freedom and Comfort of the Truth. Of course, you can’t explain all of this to a dying person, but you can bring them real comfort telling them that they are loved, forgiven, and already accepted by God…

I offer you these words to say to one in their final days or hours, perhaps over and over again. I hope they help bring final Peace for you and your dear friend or family member who is transitioning into this pure Awareness.

Beloved, you are in the midst of Love Itself, already resting in the arms of the Divine. God made you and has never left you. You are already accepted and received. You are wholly safe. You are already Perfect, Whole and Complete, yet nothing is ending. You are Infinite, now being reborn into the full awareness of your Oneness with Source.

You are already forgiven for anything you feel requires forgiveness, for forgiveness was never necessary. Thank you for playing your part so perfectly. Thank you for loving me so well. Thank you for letting yourself be loved by me.

Know that this Life continues. This connection continues. You are never alone. I am never alone. There is no separation. We are truly One, so this is not goodbye. I am fine. You are fine.

Breathe the breath of God, beloved. Be at ease now and know that All Is Well, All is Grace, All is Love. You are already resting in God’s Heart.

This playlist on Spotify from Adam Pacitti is at once soothing and uplifting for this time. 

How my online brand differs from my professional personality


I leave breadcrumbs of my personality scattered online, and it gives a strong indication of who I really am. Right now, that looks like Sybil, a woman with something like 26 personalities (masterfully played by Sally Field in the 1976 movie by the same name).

I like to think I’m funny, so a lot of what I post has a humorous side to it. I’m also direct and forthright, so I often call it like I see it. Usually, that adds to the irony of the humor, which I like.

I’m also politically active, and I consider it my duty to share my insights about what’s going on in the country and the state. You can see where this is going, right? My political posts are direct, sometimes funny… in other words, snarky. And in the current political climate, they’re abundant.

I LOVE writing them!

And then I frequently delete them.

Here’s where Sybil really becomes Fantasia: I’m also a spiritual coach. I love writing feel-good posts. I love inspiring and uplifting people… just not political opponents.

I know, I know. I truly do love everyone. I just hate politics when things don’t go my way. It’s why I delete so many of my political posts.

It’s like I love YOU, but I hate what you did just there… a lot. 

Then there’s my professional personality. I work as a digital marketing strategist for a major university. I manage social media accounts that reach thousands of people—donors, in fact. I am the gatekeeper on what is appropriate and inappropriate for which audience. It’s a lot of responsibility.

Clearly, my online brand does not match my professional personality. I imagine it should, so if you’re looking for feel-good “Love is all there is” posts, you’re not whacked upside the head with a demand to Donald Trump to delete his Twitter account and stop acting like a 12-year-old…

Perhaps, like Sybil, I need 26 distinct online identities.

What Dogs Teach Us

Be present to the moment.

Love lavishly.

Care deeply.

Forgive wholly.

Speak kindly.

Be loyal.

Take only what you need.


When Love walks in, always rush to greet it, even if it only went to the mailbox.

Every errand can be a joyride.

Relish a gentle touch.

Be an everyday hero.

Ask for nothing in return.

Avoid growling and simply walk away.

Express joy with every cell of your being.

A long walk is entertainment enough.

Never stop investigating the wonder of the world around you.

When you meet old friends, drop everything and invite them to play.

When you greet strangers, doing so with a big smile could change your afternoon into something exhilarating.

Never pretend to be something you’re not. We know.

When someone is having a bad day, express the Compassion of God: sit close by, and every so often, lay a warm hand on theirs.

Enter each room expecting to be adored.

Be grateful for each treat and gentle word that comes your way.

Allow the simple experience of the wind in your face to make your day.

Affirmation: I robustly live in the present moment. I lushly love, allowing pleasure and gratitude to play in every cell of my being. I act with gentle compassion. Treats, kind words, and warm spots to rest abundantly fill my day.

New Thought Blessing of the Animals

Divine Spirit, God, is the One Presence, Perfect, Whole, and Complete, Unconditional Love Itself, Master Creator of All Things Great and Small, the macrocosm and the microcosm. Therefore, It is operating in, as, and through all of Its Creation equally.

That One Presence is operating in, as, and through me at all times as Unconditional Love, as Compassion, as Peace, and Joy. As I am One with All That Is, then I know I am Perfect, Whole, and Complete. That One Presence is also operating in, as, and through this beloved animal, (NAME), a perfect representation of the entire animal Kingdom.

I now speak my Word for NAME, knowing that his/her being is Perfect, Whole, and Complete… Well-Being Itself, healed, whole, and holy.

I honor NAME for bringing me the wisdom of the Animal Kingdom and the manifestation of the Unconditional Love of God into my home and my heart. NAME’s very presence draws me more deeply into the larger circle of Life, of the awareness of God’s Perfection, into the wonder of our common relationship with All That Is.

As God guides me in the loving care of NAME, I know It teaches me to be a good companion and responsible steward to all sentient beings on Earth. I now accept that responsibility. I accept all that is required of me to honor this Divine Expression of Life, Unconditional Love, Compassion, and Joy.

I claim and accept that the Love and Peace of God is operating right now in the lives of all animals who are lost, sick, abused, and frightened, that the perfect home, the ideal outcome, Well-Being, and the Highest Good for All is upon them now. I claim and accept that the One Presence Itself, Peace and Unconditional Love, are operating in, as, and through their caretakers, fully ready to be revealed in their hearts and hands.

I am grateful for this shift in consciousness, for all that God teaches me through Its Creation, and for the Love that God so abundantly reveals to me through Its Animal Kingdom. I am grateful for the healing, Well-Being and Peace now vibrating throughout the Animal Kingdom, including my fellow man.

I release this Word into the Universal Law of Mind, knowing that as I do so, it returns to me already done, in absolute perfection.  So, I give thanks as I bless this Word. I let it go, and I let it be.  And so it is!

Ever Think, “There’s Got To Be Something More?” You’re Right, There Is…

If you want more meaning in your life, give. YOU are the only one who can bring “something more” into your experience. As we expect the world to provide us with fulfillment, we miss the point of Life. We are here to create our own fulfillment. And fulfillment does not come from material things, it comes from enriching Life–ALL LIFE. As we enrich our lives, we enrich others’s lives too… not with a mission of saving anyone–because only they can bring “something more” into their own experience, too, but just with a mission of revealing our inherent Nature, which is happiness.

If your job is not satisfying, consider that it may not be the job but your resistance to the job, to a coworker, to your boss, or to the idea of working. Where there is resistance, there is fear. What is the fear? Does it show up in other areas of your life? If yes, then it’s not the job that’s the problem… this fear will keep resurfacing as a an invitation to deal with it head on and see it for the illusion it is. What would your life look like without that fear? Can you think of one healthy, peaceful reason to hold on to that fear? Then bless it and let it be. It is a learned condition, and it no longer serves you.

The same holds true in all areas of our lives. We see it most in relationships. Where there is withholding in a relationship, there is a power struggle. Under the power struggle there is… fear.  If you want your romantic relationship to be deeply real and wildly intimate like it was in the beginning, then BE deeply real and wildly intimate… not just once or twice to test the waters, but all the time. Your mate will either show up and meet you there or not, but to demand a deeply real and wildly intimate relationship of your mate first is unfair. And if you’re demanding that of your mate–notice the pattern–where else are you expecting the world to deliver the goods first?

As you take responsibility for your experience in every area of your life, your happiness–which is our inherent Nature when we live authentically–will bloom and grow.

Your happiness will empower others to do the same… and that is how it propagates entire families and communities. Happiness is always an inside job. We can only change ourselves and encourage others that they’re on the right path (and only they know what the right path is for them). When we tell others they are wise, capable, full of potential, and facing dozens of wondrous opportunities, even if they don’t see them yet, we are BEING LOVE and creating safe space for them to empower themselves to live authentically.

People let down their armor when they feel safe. “It is easier to get a man to remove his coat with a warm sun than a cold, biting wind.” Be wholly loving to yourself and the inspirational powerhouse you already are will expand into “more…” and yet more.


Today, I choose to give myself what I may be expecting or think I require from another; as I do so, I free up our relationship for wildly greater levels of Love, Harmony, Peace, and Joy.

© Gretchen Kennedy, RScP  |

A Spiritual Booster Shot

I invite you to read these, take them into your meditation, alone or together, to ponder. May they reveal a Life of Peace, Joy, Love, Freedom, Truth, and greater understanding of Who You Really Are:

  • There is one God, and It is indivisible from Itself. There is no power greater than God, nothing to oppose God, no Satan… Evil is a man-made construct stemming from a sense of separation from God. It is our mistaken use of our abilities and thinking.
  • If God is indivisible, you are inseparable from God. This sense of separation from our Source is the root of all unwanted conditions/suffering. We are all of God, made in the image and likeness of God, and this is true of EVERYONE.
  • God is Love Itself, and It wants you to thrive, to have a creatively lush life of Good, filled with meaning and purpose.
  • God is ever-expanding. Through us, as individualized expressions of God, the Universe expands to accommodate the omni-activity of all Life.
  • There is Free Will in order for us to expand, and so our doubts/fears/self-worth participate in every step of our journey, creating contrast and presenting us with opportunities to heal and evolve, to enjoy pure Faith that we are not separate from God, to awaken  and align to our inherent Nature of Good, which is Love, the heart of God.
  • You are made in the image and likeness of God; therefore, you have all of Its qualities available to you — Love, Peace, Joy, Abundance, Balance, Well-Being, Order, Creativity, Compassion, etc.
  • In every situation, God is present, active, and all-powerful, and as you open to God’s unlimited potential that is operating in, as, and through you, you can shift any experience. The same Power that moves mountains and creates galaxies is ever-available to you, simply by acknowledging It.
  • These qualities are made manifest in your life to the degree that you align with them (if you want Peace, be Peace, if you want a greater sense of self-worth, volunteer, if you want more money, tithe to your church or whatever spiritual sources feed your sense of upliftment, if you want more Freedom, allow others the Freedom to be Who They Really Are, etc.).
  • Your thoughts are creative (God/the Universe responds to them, and always says, “Yes! OK! Here you go!” It responds most to the recurring/focused/charged thoughts. Your word is even more creative, particularly what you say about yourself. Never speak a negative word about anyone, ever. We are all One, so when you speak against someone, you manifest against yourself.
  • Death is an illusion… it is like changing coats. The Soul, as an individualized expression of God, is eternal.
  • You are loved, not matter what.
  • You are essential to the Whole, no matter what.
  • You are working with a Power that is beyond the human mind’s ability to fathom to create a beautiful life… Have faith in that, no matter what.
  • Your purpose is to share your Love, unique gifts, and talents to help others to come to know their preciousness and unlimited potential, and that is where you will find the most happiness.